Could Your Practice Be More Efficient? 

Practice Efficiency

Running a dental practice is a ton of work. Seeing dozens of patients each day, filing paperwork, and scheduling appointments takes a toll on you and your staff. Add on communication with patients and you may feel overwhelmed. 

Patient Relationship Management software can simplify many tasks to reduce strain on you and your front office team. Here’s a few things PRMs can make easier: 

  • Sending Appointment Reminders

Scheduling is no small feat—a balancing act of coordinating appointments with doctor and patients’ availability. Missed appointments throw off your schedule and cost money! Reminding patients manually requires pricey mailers or listing and calling each upcoming visitor—which gets exhausting fast! PRMs remove this burden from your front office, syncing with your schedule and automatically reminding patients of their appointments so your chairs stay filled.

  • Confirming Patient Appointments 

When a patient approves an appointment from a digital reminder, PRM software will automatically confirm the date and place it on your practice management system calendar. An additional confirmation can be sent to your email so you can keep track of appointments without checking your dashboard.

  • Completing New Patient Forms in Advance

The first appointment with a new dentist can be very stressful for patients—it’s jarring to enter an office full of strangers and immediately be handed paperwork demanding one’s entire medical history. PRM software makes life easier for new patients by giving them the ability medical history via a website or email in advance. Your office staff gets the information they need and your patients have one less thing to worry about on their first visit.

PRM software helps simplify your day-to-day operations, freeing up time for you and your office staff. Plus it can save money and help your practice recoup lost revenue. Selecting the correct PRM solution for your practice should take some careful consideration, but with the right software you can reap all these office efficiency benefits and more. Next week we’ll explore several other ways that PRM can improve efficiency AND increase revenue at your dental practice!