Announcing Patient Experience Insights


At Legwork, we believe practices are built by happy patients. This is why we’re focused on developing solutions to meet the unique needs of dental practices, helping them create amazing patient experiences. Thanks to this focus, we’ve built the most complete patient relationship management software on the market, helping you grow your practice like never before and making it easy for you to guide patients through every step of their journey.

As we worked on our solutions, we asked ourselves “how can we help our clients gauge the quality of the patient experience they deliver?” While reviews provide some measurement, the value they offer has been lost because many practices focus on acquiring a large quantity of reviews rather than using them to reveal patient sentiment. What if we could use patient sentiment to help identify those patients most likely to promote your practice?

So we went outside the box to build a solution that lets you gather and analyze patient sentiment and drive reviews and referrals. We call it Patient Experience Insights (PXI).

PXI redefines what review management software is capable of. Designed to give you the best of both worlds by:

  1. Using patient sentiment data to drive quality reviews and boost referrals.

  2. Providing you with detailed insights to take the patient experience to the next level.

A powerful combination that the dental industry has never seen before, and it’s available to you right now. 


Schedule a demo today and learn more about how PXI will accelerate your practice's growth!

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